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LJH Engineering

Founded in 2023 by Luke John Hickson, LJH Engineering work with Bentley motors, utilising advanced technology to create 3D printed vehicle components and even greater personalisation in customer cars.

Bentley Motors has shared details of the impact of a £3 million investment to double its Additive Manufacturing (AM) capacity at the company’s headquarters in Crewe, England, where all Bentley models are built. A state-of-the-art AM facility has been applied to a wide range of uses, producing more than 15,000 components in 2021 alone.


We were challenged to create a brand identity wordmark for LJH Engineering

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The solution.

LJH Engineering specialises in 3D printing, but what does it symbolise? We helped Luke anchor to a deeper point of view, beginning with Brand Strategy. LJH Engineering identified its attributes as Creative, Exciting, and Focused. Together, these inputs painted a picture of a brand dedicated to creative knowledge lead results by making it fun and exciting to do so.

Our research and development review revealed vibrant colour palettes, sans-serif typefaces, and product-centric messaging.

I designed an iconic brandmark that fuses the LJH letters together in a angled grid system – fast-paced, forward thinking and focussed, aligning the key brand values into the design. The logo is approachable, vibrant and modern – harmonising all of the aspects of our research strategy.

An italicised sans serif type in caps compliments the lettermark, with a fiery orange colour scheme, to form the core of a lively colour palette.

Primary brandmark.